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Want to invite your favorite character to your party, but do not know where to look for him?

Let us reveal to you a little secret ... all fantastic characters and superheroes live in Mad Monkeys Events!

Tell us what you need to find the right hero.

Sonic, Mr. Eggman and Sonic-girl
Sonic, Mr. Eggman and Sonic-girl more info
Among Us
Among Us more info
Fairies more info
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty more info
Fortnight Party /GTA
Fortnight Party /GTA more info
Aborigines more info
Anime more info
Roblox more info

Party Show

Transformer Live Show

Liquid Nitrogen Science Show

Paper Party

Giant Bubbles Show

Foam Cubes Party

Dinosaur Richey and Jessica Live Show

Magic Show

Lightning Tesla Show

Incredible Hulk Show

Foam Party

Harry Potter - School of Wizzarding

Challenge Party (TikTokvsYoutube)

Nerf Party

Just Dance Party

Bartender show for kids

Gender party and baby shower party

Photo booth

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