Party Show

Liquid Nitrogen Science Show

$700/45 min

All our characters are here

what includes:

* Cooking and eating ice cream!

* Hide in a small vessel about 10 inflated balls! Amazing

* Cooking popcorn with smoke, and then we eat it and let off steam!

* Inflate balloons without air!

* We break bananas and flowers into pieces!

* We set fire palms!

* We make a huge steam explosion 7 feet in height!

You can supplement your party:

- Giant Bubbles Show

- Magic Show

- Tesla Show

- Superheroes Show


- Dinosaur Show

- Incredible Hulk Show

- Foam Cubes Party

- Paper Party

It will make your party even brightly:

- Decorations

- Candy Buffet Decor

- Cakes

- Photo and Video

- Cotton Candy

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