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The Lion King, Simba and Nala -a fascinating safari

  • Amount of children: up to 25
  • Duration: 1 hour

The Lion King, Simba and Nala -a fascinating safari

$700/ 1 hr

The Lion King Party is an immersion in the fascinating world of wildlife!

Together with the naughty lions Simba and Nala, children will go through a lot of interesting tasks, learn a lot about life on savanna and reveal the secrets of the jungle where wild animals live.

And the highlight of the program will be the appearance of a full-size Lion King, on which children can ride!

If you are planning to completely defeat the guests on the spot, we recommend supplementing the program with unique decorations, show programs with your favorite characters!

You can supplement your party:

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- Giant Bubbles Show

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It will make your party even brightly:

- Decorations

- Candy Buffet Decor

- Cakes

- Photo and Video

- Cotton Candy

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